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An entry in August
Saturday, August 26, 2017 | Saturday, August 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum wbt πŸ’ž
It has been so long of not posting anything here. Plus, the previous blog entries had been deleted since they're way too old and funny - the immature me. Well, now should I start by writing things about myself? - for example 5 things to know about me (just in case you wanna know)

An ailurophobia
When others are so in love with cats, me here, I'm not saying I don't love them, of course I do but not to the extent to pamper them or take them into my arms. Nope, never. Slight touch is enough TILL they start putting their paws on air right before touching me, I'll literally move and start to run. No kidding! That's why whenever I come across any posts or tweets showing that some people really love teasing this kind of people, I do get mad sometimes because it shouldn't be considered as a joke. Sorry but it really isn't.

Just please 😭

Into ghost and thriller movies
Yes, no denial. Be it the new ones released in cinema or the old ones but have a very good rating. It's upsetting when some movies which we expect to have a very good ending, didn't turn out that way - for example: The Boy. The ending was so indescribable. Oh yes, when I say ghost and thriller movies, I'm not referring to any Malay movies, never! (I know you're with me). They look so unreal.  One more mad thing that I love to do whenever I have free time - listening to Misteri Jam 12 on Youtube!

Should I share some good movies instead? - and you should try listening to MJ12 πŸ˜‰

Fixi avid reader
Yes, yes this! Creepy/ thriller/ mystery genres only! If not, no fun then. So far, I have 27! Some have a really good plots, stories and whatnot. Same goes to Goosebumps and Mystery. Or Goosebumps and Mystery are actually at another level?

Anyway try reading them! πŸ€—

Going nuts over nuts!
My family, especially my parents have already known about this, so whenever they are buying some chocolates, they will make sure that there are nuts in it. I love them for doing so.

Is tempe one of them? – if it is then this is the highlight of every nuts! Nyum! 🀀

Love drinking milk
Even when I was still a baby, mama used to tell me that I was the only child who drank breast milk for the longest time to be compared with my other siblings, and now I’m 22 – my life won’t be complete without it. Be it for breakfast or to drink after dinner, I won’t feel any better without it.

GoodDay. DutchLady. I can go crazy over them. 😍

Five should be enough.